I’ve been working on my sketches and progress with the pillowcase which at the moment I am working on. So far I am very confident with what I am doing.

Firstly, inside the pillowcase — I’ve added lots of sand so that I can make pressure with various lines and shape of a head and after that, I have added lots of layers in wax on the pillowcase so that it can be firm. I admired how this piece came out nicely.

These sketches below I am thinking, but I am not sure to make a large scale drawing of a transparent paper — a floating spirit coming out of a body. After that, I will cover another translucent texture paper so that you can see through it. I also have bought two nightgowns which those are going to hang up the ceiling and the pillows on the floor while the nightgowns will be “moving”. Lastly, the large scale of the drawing transparent paper should be going to hang on the wall with low lights.