Firstly, I’m looking for the right questions to ask, consider the way of asking those questions and then how to deliver them.

My work doesn’t rely on a fixed practice or medium. I’m focusing on both systems of change and human analysis.

I see my arts practice as a journey of self experience displayed as self expression in hope that through social criticism we can identify new ways of thinking and add to the debate of human existence.

Often displayed through sculpture, installation or performance this exploration through existentialist ideology meets a variety of natural psychologies.

“The fragility of relationship”, “Power of nature” and “behaviours of trade within societies”.

I’m currently researching the Avant Garde, Symbolism, Ritual, Beauty, Labour & Consumer Culture.

As topics of ‘Taste’ –  are key and deeply imbedded into our culture. Themes following are – Superficiality, trends, the mundane, phycological materiality, the understated and underrated, the beauty of imperfection and vulnerability.

Writers – Friedrich Schlegel – William Blake – Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Goethe, Hegel, Novalis, Friedrich von schiller.

Can this Phycho-symbolic – Romanticism become a concrete ideal for systematic and theoretical change????

Watch this space…..

Ross McCormick