Today I had a look at the BA show at the Triangle space.

There was this performance going on: a student sitting on a bicycle with a mechanism attached on it to self-hit/slap himself with a leather glove.

I didn’t know if to laugh or go there and stop him giving him a beer to cheer up but I decided instead to carry on looking around at the exhibition leaving the majority of the people watching that ‘thing’ and enjoying it (apparently).

Few meters away I saw this little painting hanging on a wall: an open door to a kitchen where a lady is probably cooking something and her dog near her. The colours of this painting are simple with no shadings at all and the all scene looks quite flat and boring and a bit Hockney-esque.

Because behind my back there was that thrilling and terrifying thing going on this little painting gave me instead a kind of comfort and peace, I really liked it but I don’t know the artist!

Marco Piemonte