last week I did the project of my group. we want discuss the possibility of the places to display the artwork outside the gallery. in the finial, we will show our experiments in MAFA gallery on 7th December. we also created a website for our and an ins account: artsquatldn.

so last week, i found two artist to cooperate our project. one of them is ZHISHAN CHEN who is studying in RCA. we arranged his work in battersea park. because he thought his small sculpture like elves who live in the nature. so he chose a corner in the park and showed his work around a tree.


the another artist is a visiting scholar JINGYI YUAN. her work are mainly watercolor. she talked with visitors in pub and drew their portraits, sometimes she also asked them to write their stories. so i thought why do not we reshow the work at the bar? so we chose some works displayed on the outside the bar like the posters and advertisement.

today i also took some photos for my works, i chose a video to do this project. it is one of my favorite video works. i like the emotion which flow in the video. every time when i see this work again i can always feel the relax when we created this work. so i chose the Moorgate. there many people and many cars, everything is flowing. i hope i can find something different in this environment .