Recently I am testing vertical composition to improve the fluidity of lines from the martial action figure. With the narrow scale of practical plate, the vector of practical experience changed a lot, I could avoid being guided by the recycling rhythm of square or wide rectangular composition, the painting practice has become liked writing with distinct beginning and end, allowing me to focus more on the lines and brushstrokes.

As a¬†hindsight self-analysis, being horizontally narrowed, the spatiality of composition is also weakened. Such linkage between horizontality and spatiality is related to the structural habit of human body (moving horizontally to travel and looking almost horizontally to perceive space). On the other words, it may also affects the audiences’s appreciating experience. This simple change of scale was not in my expectation, but it has brought good effect to me, making me to think less about the narrative battle among two bodies coexisting in a same space; and thus being more direct to express the martial action coexisting in my mind.


Wai Kit Chan (Hector)