1. Anyone can make art
  2. Art can be for its own sake or may be used as a tool to engage with social/cultural/global issues.
  3. Art can be used to explore difficult and sensitive areas, where opinions differ and may assist in developing a shared understanding of these issues.
  4. Art can explore the human condition, emotions, our inter-human relationships as well as wider relationships, such as those with nature and the planet.
  5. The artist may also be an activist, for example, helping to raise awareness of human rights violations.
  6. Art may be used in a therapeutic capacity to help people suffering from mental and physical illness.
  7. Children should have access to art-making, partly because it plays a role in language and communication development through self-expression.
  8. As an artist, I can explore my own assumptions, biases and prejudices which may have been imparted on me by the family/society/culture I grew up in.
  9. Art functions in multiple ways and should be allowed to do so.
  10. Art can make a difference.


Joanne Herbert