I will be showing these paintings as part of our show on 14th December along with a film that shows elements of a British family’s life in Darjeeling managing tea plantations at the end of the 1940’s. I see three stages to the project at present. A past a present and a future (potentially). This showing is stage 1. The past. at GLUE 312 Lillie Road London SW6 6pm for one night only.

I have instinctively been drawn to using a female gender role as a metaphor. Phrases such as ‘Mother land’ and the custom of ascribing a female identity to a nation has inspired work using female representation in both positive and negative senses. Probably most importantly and obviously is The Queen in influencing this. The work in stage 1 uses traditional/vintage techniques, including 8mm film, paintings and antiqued furniture.

I look forward to seeing you there…….