In Greece, thousands of years ago they had a goddess of memory whom people called Mnemosyne. We get the idea of mnemonics from her name. Memory was essential for keeping culture alive. For instance, for a long time ago, when print was not readily available, unless people wanna carve that on stone and into clay ex. Currently, we are so likely to individualise memory through Facebook, Instagram.


What is our memory?

Is it real or not?

For our memory, one by one , more and more,


Our brain likes a catcher or a recorder, because it always faithfully records information and replays that, but now researchers have found that memory is plastic, both your own and others’ memory, can be written and rewritten. In the future, memory can be explained and controlled. 

Memory has been images, our own optionally delete, add, fantasy, addiction, and it seems to has not yet really exist, perhaps these memories are hypothetical, isn’t that true. 

How do we go to manipulate our memories, perhaps we have been operating by memory. It makes our own change, thinking, affect us now, or our future, so we have to live in memories,  maybe we always live in that, always. In just our future we spent in the past, the memory of the future.