I’m trying to create moving images in coloured lights to express my emotional responses to a piece of music by Ravel.  Nick, in the audio visual suite, can teach me how to make a video but I have to provide the coloured light effects to paint my moving abstract picture.  And as I know very little about lighting, I’m learning by doing.

I bought a couple of small affordable stage lights and some neon strips.  The lights include blue, green and red, the primary colours of lighting, as well as white.  I also found various things at home that I thought might add some different effects.  I spent a day playing and experimenting with these in the audio visual suite and filming the results.  Because I’d created so much footage, it took a long time to sort and edit it to create a library of material to work from.  On Friday I was ready to start editing with the music.  The good news was that the movement of the lights fitted well with the speed of the music.  The bad news was that there was far too much blue footage, the red seemed too harsh and the variety of colours didn’t provide a great enough emotional range.

So now I’m going back to the studio.  I’ve ordered 24 different coloured gels which I hope I can fit to my lights to produce a spectacular range of colours to help me reflect all the emotions in the music.