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I did my presentation this afternoon and I got nervous and fumbled because last minute I decided to try an be natural and not rely on the notes I’d written but in situations where there is pressure to articulate myself properly I can never find the words so I wanna post my presentation link and the notes I made explaining each slide in a few sentences for reference which is hopefully a lot more concise. There was a moment where a slide was blank and I got thrown off LOL soz

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The inequality of men and women is evident in all parts of our lives, including the bedroom. Women’s sexuality has been demonized and categorised as a mental illness Freud actually linked female sexuality to hysteria in his book of studies of hysteria.

My journey through gender inequality began with my own personal traumas and experiences that I now wish to unpack

Marina abramovic unpacks ideas using her own body and the public. Giving them access to her body to do anything within her work “” was a test of her stamina and dedication to the work.

Letting people carry out their fantasies or practice their free will without coincidence was a form of emotional labour

A term I first learned in the book The managed heart was which is a form of labour mainly carried out by women for men

Mierle ukles who wrote the maintenance manifesto combined labour and art when she performed activities such as cleaning which aligned with society’s gender roles and explored the relationship between private, domestic and public and art.

I want to explore the personal emotional labour women perform for men. We have commodified women’s emotional labour and femininity for the consumption of men which is described in depth in this book living dolls written by natasha walter.

This particular art piece Ashley Madison Angels actually commodified female emotional labour without even using real women. Ashley Madison a popular dating website used bots to deal with the overwhelming number of men on the website.

In order to explore actual gender differences I took a look at the science of it all and read delusions of gender where I read of studies that debunked the myths

Grayson perry provides a unique outlook on masculinity and femininity as he lives his life as a man but experiences femininity when he dresses as a woman. This gave me an alternative definition of femininity which was that it wasnt biological but performative.

Cindy Sherman was a master of performance in her photography where she took on the identity of many different characters male and female.

A more contemporary example of this would be Amalia Ulman who took on three different personas that currently are trending on social media in an extravagant storytelling Instagram page that was often mistaken as the real thing.

From myspace to instagram; the internet has always been a space of creativity however now that creativity can even mean how we curate ourselves online and who we perform ourselves as.

Selfie culture is upon us and as well as there being criticism of social media and how we present or perform ourselves there are artists making work in support of the selfie such as Arvida bystrom and maja malou lyse with their video and performance selfie aerobics which promoted body positivity and the discussion that selfie culture is inherently gendered.

Self portraiture and social media are now being used for more political art where woman are trying to reclaim their bodies and demystify female sexuality through the female gaze.

Photographer Lauren Crow uses film photography and models of all genders, sexualitys  race and body types to challenge the beauty standards that are deeply rooted in media and porn which create issues with how people see themselves.

Annie sprinkle is a sexworker and artist whose performance piece involved her using a speculum to show an audience her cervix

Maya malou lyse aka habitual body monitoring2 mentioned previously did this recently where she took photos of her cervix. Her instagram is also a place where she shows her work even when censorship takes down her account and she has to start again from scratch.

The idea of using social media and the internet as a medium and a theme is something I have been exploring and I wanted to see how artists where combining the two such as using memes as art

Artist alim smith paints memes in a fine art style as he believes they are an important type of art as they connect so many people across the world and are a reflection of contemporary culture.

Another source of research comes from my online community where people gather in groups and discuss things like mental health issues, sex work, feminism and share memes and meal deals.

As well as the lived experiences of the women around me IRL and URL I use my own lived experiences as I am commenting on social issues from my perspective. Highlighting parts of my own identity such as my class, gender and sexuality help me connect with the public when raising issues with my work

And finally, women artists everywhere especially those that are from marginalised communities, the working or lower class, the unconventionally beautiful, the sex workers and the mentally ill! These particular women are close friends that I am inspired by…

Georgina Tyson