I’ve been having more dreams (and painting about them) where my teeth shatter, decay and/or fall out.  It’s a pretty common recurring dream and a quick internet search confirms that it symbolises feeling powerless or out of control.  For my CRP I’ve been reading about Freud on aesthetics by Sarah Kofman in The Childhood of Art and it raises the following questions (language from the book is in quotes):

  • Am I creating worlds where giant babies eat tadpoles with O.J. Simpson because I have “narcissistic tendencies” and want to “be the hero, the king, the creator or the favourite”?
  • Are my dreams a reaction to my “dissatisfaction resulting from the reality principle replacing the pleasure principle”?
  • Because dreams and ‘Art’ share qualities of “untranslatable language, figurative enigma and the unconsciousness” should I continue to mine my dreams?
  • Will this “free me from neuroses”?
  • Or, is this all just too navel-gazey???

Amy Robson