ArtSquat was the chosen live project for group Three. An artist-based project that encourages the reclaiming of public spaces. A collective of artists who are concerned with reclaiming public spaces that are often over looked and unconsidered. Exploring the relationship of the Artist and Gallery we created a unique platform dedicated to providing a competitive edge for practicing and undiscovered artists to display and discuss their work within a wider creative context.

  1. Identify and claim a space in public as a worthy environment for artistic expression.
  2. Document your work in the space and make it your own.
  3. Consider the context of the environment, questioning the landscape or digital platform in which the work exists.
  4. Challenge the representation of your work in relation to the chosen location. If making a statement be aware of social and political comment.
  5. Once documented send it to us. We will then collect all the documentation submitted and (re-)publish it through our dedicated social media accounts and website to help promote your work and the variety of spaces you have engaged with.
  6. At the end of each month we will review each submission and handpick an ‘artist of the month’ who we feel reflects our ethos best and whom has challenged the context and environment of their chosen exhibition space.

With the Launch party of Artsquat at MAFA Gallery – Thursday 7th December we all agreed to exhibit  our own work and host an additional artists work bringing them into the Artsquat platform.




Artist – Heidi Christina Schou Larsen – Instagram- @chrissybusy

Entering the Subliminal – Channeling inner thoughts and personal experiences. For me Heidi questions the psyche to display often cryptic, foreign even tribal symbols within her art works. A considered and refined use of colour and printing techniques as her experimental method deeply reflects her soul mind and spirt. This Freudian like self reflection perhaps holds a deeper narrative to the larger psychological questions of human existence. These delicate memory like translations were treated and hung almost as medical scans in the way they were curated. Installed into a retail office and stockroom environment the challenging emotive work is juxtaposed with the familiar, a product of the everyday commodity. This composition as such highlights the consideration for the perfect work life balance. “Thinking in terms of the perfect freedom needed for creative self development contrasting to the ideals of laboring to earn money for financial gain.




Artist – Ross McCormick – Instagram – @avid_unconventionalist

My work was delivered around the construct of gift. After a recent questions highlighted concerns as art as agency. Without human engagement art stands as nature. A variety of Flowers as gift were offered in different circumstances and locations. Attaching the flowers to the property of strangers with the essence of surprise and happiness. An act of gift. The most rewarding of the posts was highlighting the relationship between the van man and his work colleague with mistletoe. The loving connotations of the flower raises the psychological relationship of the pair. both rewarding and humorous the work offered a sense of spiritual admiration.