Investigating alternative materials, processes.


Wool/ Yarn: has a quality of innocence about it possibly through a physical similarity to hair or spiders web, after exploring the medium for canvases towards the large scale 3D installations, my understanding of its representation has been explored, utilising combinations of synthetic, natural and alternative materials including cotton mixes.

Hair braiding is the closest a human gets to weaving a web with ones own bio matter, across the nordic nations, Africa, and Asia, each with its own customs of representation through hair developed  over eons from the very tribal and simple  system of locking used by the Babylonians, Rastafarian, viking and mythologised seductive writhing Gorgon sister legend Medusa. Other fairer more intricate methods from eastern Asia denoted a cultured, passive, thoughtful approach to the human matrices. Contemporary practices are very much the same in basis but with the addition of weaving and expressive showcases, an extension to haute couture. Hair meets art.

Placing a model at the nexus of an installation may be suggestive of cultural, synaptic, or psychological direction.


3D printing/ 3D pen: currently these handheld devices are available for small projects

Futuristic language; Cities, CBD development, architectural, modernist


Traditional resistant materials

Solid Metals: including aluminium, bronze, steel incur own practicalities in relation to cost, scale, weight and risk, potential to use rods as miniaturised scaffold with slot or clamp  system, or welded rods.


Metal Cable/ Steel: Potentially suitable, alternative to thread, concerns. Stress limits of supporting structures. Issues dependant on girth/ weight of cable. Major installations only.

Timber: potential cost effective alternative to metal beams. Click and connect joins, weather and humidity restrictive . Meccanno joint system potential.

Plastics: Needs to be polished. focus on interior fluid/ item

Concerns. fumes

Mixed media:

Furniture Webbing:


Jute or synthetic material, either suitable for in an d outdoor projects, jute within natural environment, shipping, historic portage, ports of transatlantic slave trade.

Synthetic material: more suitable for outdoor projects, durable, locations: architectural projects, mostly as with jute rope


Dressmaking elastic:

Dimensional, multiple pov.


Translucent material

Akin to natural webs, spider, silk work (Chinese trade) historical. Chinese dynasties


Alternative Material

Bio/ Organic matter.   The Exciting stuff! 🙂


Live Insects/ Parasites. Silk Worm – ref chinese/ US trade  . mosquitoes – ref disease and aid or 3rd refugee crisis

Cultured Mould:  environmental decay or microcosm of the urban envirionment. Brexit! Farage. 

Food waste. decomposed?  Pollution/ over consumption/ (1st) developed world consumerism/ Food banks

Plasma: Currently possess 80ltrs. ref: genetics/ disease/ health/ diaspora

Risk: biological . require PPE. risk assessment