The underground amazes me.
Its backdrop is a gallery.
The idea of people going from A to B.
Random people bunched together.
In each others space.
In public space.
How many people see what I see?
How many people take photos of this transient space?
The place no one lives or stays for long.
The place they use to get to where they are going.
The journey…
For me, the journey is the experience but is it the same when you are going to work, or school, or uni?
Everyone is stuck into their phones.
What is the reality for them?
Where they are?
Or the part of the journey that has Wifi so they can catch their instagram feeds, their whats app, their emails or the movie they are watching.
Quick, Quick, What have you missed?
They become robots,
With eyes shut.
I see what I see.
I see them,
Sometimes I am them.
And I see that too.
But the Underground amazes me.

Joanna Gilbert