And finally, we got to the bottom…after digging a hole where we then placed the armature containing the mould, we poured the blazing bronze!

Before that we went through a long process of dressing and covering ourselves with special materials and garments to protect our bodies, it looked like a medieval ritual, I was given the garments folded and other accessories to put on and in absolute silence me and the two technicians got ready for the sacred moment.

It was absolutely mesmerising, watching the incandescent bronze poured I felt I wasn’t in 2017 anymore but back in time, somewhere around 4000 years ago, when metal was poured into investments of fired clay for the first time: The Art of the Lost-Wax will always be a beautiful and intense art process and while everything changes and evolves, this art will be always the same as it was in 2000 B.C.

Marco Piemonte