Recently I’ve seen a film called Audrey Rose (1977). It was about a little girl aged 3 who has trapped in a car accident and in the fire. By that time in October 3rd, 1965 Ivy Templeton was born, the spirit — Audrey who has died the same date as the girl Ivy was born came back to life and was the reincarnation of Audrey Rose to show what has happened that day about the accident. It was an interesting film to watch – not the best but it was interesting to know what the reincarnation was about.

Here is the trailer for the film:

Here are a few interesting quotes about the specific meaning of reincarnation.

“As long as a soul is unprepared to accept the laws and responsibilities of its karma it cannot exist in this life, it cannot exist on this earth plane. It has to go back.”

“I found brutalising poverty, starvation, death, pestilence. But I also found something else. With all the misery that those people has to face, there was still a great spiritual peace and joy in their lives because they believe that this life is not the end. Life and death are not the end.”

“Our bodies die, our aged vessels crack, releasing the ensnared soul yet again on its vast journey homewards, through many lifetimes, many lifetimes, improving with each new life.”

“Our bodies, because they are material, can die, but our soul, which is spirit, can never die.”

“For in the course of our numerous rebirths, we have been parents, children and friends to one another. For us, death is not the end of life, but a monetary separation, a fragile respite in the astral cosmos, where the soul must wait and through meditation seek to clothes itself in the higher spiritual garments before attempting rebirth in the next earth life.”