Being selected to show my artwork and present a talk at the Royal Academy of Art as part of their ‘The Other Paradise’ Late event in August 2017 was a real blast and an uplifting experience….…oh yes all the good bits come after getting your proposal accepted and getting through the interview process with the RA. The project itself was a lot of hard work in a tight time frame……but really worth it!  

The theme of the event resonated directly with my current area of critical art research: Artificial Intelligence and our rapidly changing relationship with it.

The talk was a 20 minute interactive slideshow with an art installation as its main point of reference. This meant that I could also have some fun with the audience and talk about a range current and topical issues around the subject eg. Utopia, Dystopia, relationship of art and science, cyborg technology, philosophy and most recent scientific theories. People attending the event were of all ages and came dressed in the Utopian theme and were in a party mood so were more than happy to engage with the presentation… As the overall Late event was about 4 hours long I had to make the presentation twice in the evening.

Everything had to be set-up and ready in 3 hours on the day. At the end of the evening everything had to be taken down, packed up and taken away off the premises. Needed a good nights sleep that night.