Transported to the turbulent seas
The colour, the noise, the breeze,
I could sit here for hours,
Watching. Breathing. Being.
The spectrum of colours and progression
Of movement, it made me STOP
It made me sit. It grounded me.
I could not help but focus
I thought of nothing else.
Transfixed in a time, a place that is now.
Others came and others left
Not me. I stayed. Watched on.
I watched the full loop
About 5 times over
I could have stayed more. I loved it. I lived it.
The waves, the nature, the timeless movement
Took me some place special,
And that place was here.
Now it’s recorded on my phone and in my mind.
Now its a memory as that moment has passed.
It will be locked in as a moment with me
Maybe it will help me be me.

In Seth Price’s Koln Waves/Blues (2005/2008), a stunning 16mm to video transfer installed in the very back of the gallery, a generic computer-generated vision of floating on the high seas is quickly undone as colours emerge and the light shifts, making the waves into translucent structures. The figure of the wave slips into geometric abstraction as musical elements, similarly torqued, surface and evaporate while a collection of neon symbols make occasional appearances at the centre of the screen.

On Show at the ICA until 7th Jan 2018

Joanna Gilbert