I have been so focused on work to show in January and making sure all my research and supporting work is concise (I have OCD don’t @ me). I am compulsively making sure everything I make works together in some way or another. Usually this stunts me and I find it difficult to keep up with collabs or submissions cos I panic and don’t want to make something totally off base and then struggle to find a place for it in my “portfolio”.

This was all until I realised that the journey toward a final piece is just as creative and worthy of an audience. I have experimented with text work for a while. Writing short poems, opinion pieces, personal essays and just straight up rants about my personal and lived experiences. These are a huge part of my work as they create context for the visual and conceptual things I go on to create.

My most recent submission is a short piece written for Achey Breaky Heart Zines new issue, The Identity Issue, which is currently in the works. It explored my own idea of identity as a performance.

Georgina Tyson