In a really interesting public debate on 6th Nov ‘Artificial Intelligence: Where science meets science fiction’ at the British Library, Eleanor Penny the poet and editor at Novara Media pointed out that AI is too often manifested in the form of a woman e.g. Siri and Alexa. She says modern constructs such as ‘sex robots’ re-enforce the ‘history of creative destruction’ e.g invention of car makes the cart obsolete. Consequently she argues that the use of women as sex robots makes the woman feel redundant and excluded from the definition of ‘human’.

This point of view was re-iterated by Kathleen Richardson a Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots and AI at De Montfort University. A couple of years ago she launched the Campaign Against Sex Robots to draw attention to problematic effects on new technologies on human relations, and their potential impact to create new layers of inequalities between men and women and adults and children.

What do you think?