Recently I went to a theatre called ΘΟΚ / THOC in Cyprus where I am from. It was an entirely exciting story that I have seen at the stage. It was a contemporary visual whom two people were doing performances being naked and shouting different weird noises of animals.

There were themes one and two that have performed at the stage, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to go and see the rest so luckily I did see the last work of theme 3.


Theme 1:

A cloakroom turns into an allegorical clothes morgue for two people. It becomes the terrain in which the fluid mesh of a nightmare unfolds, in an equation that plays with the limits of the real and everything that happens in the man’s mind. The action – when slow and sometimes deafening — creates a dark chamber landscape that traps the faces and the viewer.

Theme 2:

In a white room, everything that happens at each visit is recorded in a maze of tape. This is divided into two realities, that of a comatose man and that of a woman who visits him almost daily. The effort of communication between them is put to the test and leads to the necessary change of the terms of their coexistence.

Theme 3:

Theme 3 is the third and final work of the dubitanda group, captured and directed by Stefanos Drousiotis. In a transparent garden full of blades, the post-mortem course of a man, who is again confronted with the fundamental issues of his life. A strange aquatic landscape in which the arrival of the female soon will lead both of them into a dangerous dive of atonement.


The reason why I saw this stage is that it reminds me of the spiritual, ghostly, dreamlike, whimsical story which is a very similar project that I am working on at the moment. While I have seen this stage, I felt the connection between these two people who were performing, and it’s similar when someone feels the spirit and makes a connection between the spirit and the physical.