Why have all the sexy sixties French philosophers died years before I discovered them? A stroll through the Tuilleries and a lunch in a bistro would have made a very agreeable Sunday afternoon with Jacques talking ghosts…dream on!

On one of Stephen’s archival Professional Practice Workshops in Hackney, we visited the Live Art Development agency research library at the Garrett Centre. An informative insight to access and arts council funding was delivered, and opportunities to use the space for performing. Shuffling through the largest book and video library on Live Art in the world, I plucked from the shelf a title that caught my eye, Ghost Dance by Ken McCullen. A happy discovery: there was the real handsome French theorist Jacques Derrida appearing as himself in a performative role.

Derrida speaks candidly to our protagonist and offers insights to his belief in ghosts and the cinema being ‘the art of ghosts, a battle of phantoms where the art of the cinema in it’s unedited form has an aspect of psychoanalysis’ which equals, he says, the Science of Ghosts. Derrida speaks unrehearsed as himself yet as a removed version letting his ghost perform. He refers to his being becoming just a ventriloquist. Mesmerising ideas permeated in view of my CRP and how I might. translate this into art;  addressing the question of ghosts in actual time and a contemporary space may help myself and others to accept unexplained feelings, and the dead. These are nebulous concepts to understanding who we are and the purpose of what we are and the space between us the the dead.


Annabel Ludovici Gray