Wim Wenders is a German filmmaker, photographer, and author, born on August 14, 1945, aged 72. A week ago, I went to the Photoraphers’ Gallery in London to see rare instant photographs used by a Polaroid camera. There were a few interesting photographs which I have caught my eye. A few pictures that I have seen were a few places that Wim Wenders has explored around the cities, buildings, and people. Furthermore, these photographs reminded me of paranormal images and each picture has their own story. I admire how these images developed. These colours are quite interesting to look at — it’s not like other cameras that we often use, eg. Nikon or Canon or any camera. It’s an entirely rare Polaroid camera that anybody can take this kind of images. The pictures below illustrate foggy, ghostly, dreamlike, haunted which metaphocally the ‘spirits’ want to communicate with someone or to make attention to someone. Attending this gallery show was worth it.