After watching ‘ The sex robots are coming’ I have begun digging into the internet and have uncovered a world that I never knew existed. Instead of paying a hefty amount of money for a sex doll, people have begun making their own. For example this guy on Reddit introduced the world to his very own homemade sex doll. I am just so intrugiued and genuinely interested in why this guy would want a relationship with something that looks like semi- female- shaped DIY pinata.

From what I can make out he has used: Papier mâché, masking tape, bin liners, bin bags, magazine adverts of celebrities faces, womens underwear, ballons, a wig, body lotion, rolled up towels, old pieces of fabric, trainers, and a lot of free time? 

I am so confused, I don’t know whether to feel freaked out by this or feel like it’s kinda genius? Is it a fetish? does this guy long for a sex doll but can’t afford one? Mixture of both?? Guess I’ll never really fully understand it. However, this is something I am going to investigate further. Maybe I might throw him an email?.



FERN O’ Carolan