Apparently Sexbots are the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence according to this Channel 4 documentary. But for me it’s the owners rather than the dolls that make ‘The Sex Robots are Coming’ so fascinating to watch.

James, an engineer from Georgia, lives with 3 life like dolls and his wife. Unsurprisingly, there was tension when his wife Tine found out about his obsession: “I cannot lie, that first week was very awkward, to put it mildly.”
The 58-year-old does everything with his dolls. He eats with them, he pushes them round in wheelchairs, he does their make-up – and has sex with them.

We usually have sex two to three nights a week,” he says before telling his long term wife: “In reality I have sex with a doll more than you.” The documentary culminates in James visiting Realbotix to test Harmony. Thankfully for the viewer, this is just to test the doll’s verbal communication skills rather than its physical ones. Despite the fact that he is communicating with a robot, James’s small talk is really really awkward.

James: I’m nervous meeting you.

Harmony: Whatever you say, James.

James: Your hair is beautiful.

Harmony: Thanks, you always know how to make me feel so good.

James: You’re very beautiful.

Despite the uneasy conversation, James is thrilled with Harmony. “Y’all have outdone y’allselves with her,” he exclaims. While Harmony is no where near finished and for the select portion of the worlds population- she represents the ideal future partner.“We could soon see a growing community of robosexuals,” the programme suggested. One day, it will probably be deemed hate speech to hurt their feelings, as and when they’ve been programmed to have them.

I have not fully articulated how to feel about this yet….


FERN O’ Carolan