I have introduced this piece in a previous post titled: To Embrace Failure.

I have embarked a second time to find my collaborators in a city park in the form of pigeons; looking for a harmonious coexistent with my fellow inhabitants. The inspiration for the performance came from a drawing titled: St Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds, for me preaching is not positive form of expression as it carries flavours of power relations.

In my research I have read a lot about New-ecology, through environmentalists, artists and philosophers, especially Timothy Morton, a strong voice of the Anthropocene, calling for new ways of thinking, existing.

In order to gain a better understanding of theses ideals, I had to get closer to the animals and  create a poetic becoming. It turned out to be a very positive, thought provoking and emotional experience giving me a newfound boost to carry on with my plans.

Here is the first draft of the video

Monika Tobel