IN Ghost Dance, Jacques Derrida asks “Briefly Pascale, what’s the idea behind your idea?”

Pascale, a student replies, “The idea behind my idea is… that I have no idea.”

NEWS – After months of deliberating and procrastinating, scratching, fumbling and bumping  into things (in the dark), having released, then wrestled with the spirit of Millbank’s Bollard, I think my elusive ‘ idea’ for the Critical Research Paper Proposal is beginning to be tamed  and may now be tied down.

That’s how I felt in this image taken in December 2017. Me, modern day gaoler with spirit inmate, a 4.5m paper sceptre. While restraining my imaginary spirit, I hoped the bygone prison wardens were gentler on their charges, especially those women convicts.  I think I have found her. I have an ‘idea’.

“To be haunted by a ghost is to remember something you’ve never lived through. For memory is the past that has never taken the form of the present.” Jacques Derrida Ghost Dance.

Today I have taken a leap forward into the present having spent months looking into the past. Considered and rejected so many ideas, I am still minded to follow a psychogeographic approach to explore the subject of Women Prisoners, trials and tribulations, past and present.


Annabel Ludovici Gray