Going online with AucArt. Early December I was featured on the newly launched site AucArt. The first auction house to feature handpicked early career contemporary art, direct from artist studio to collector.

The art world is an industry that often focuses on the elite. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the auction house, but AucArt is trying to change that.” http://www.sleek-mag.com/2017/12/27/aucart-auction-house/

The new platform enables you to buy/invest in early career artists. The sites launch featured seven handpicked artists, featuring seven artists weekly. Bridging the links between young artists and collectors, investing in early career art. The site relies on social media, degree shows and internships to expand the inventory of art graduates.

It’s been fab and a pleasure hanging on a (virtual) wall with  @c_r_pearson@KatjaAngeli, @If_It_Bends, @Scarlet_Mara, @ZoeAliceHoare and @_Badr_Ali.

AucArt Online Catalogue.

An interesting and fab experience to be a part of. A great learning experience, working with aucart and the auction.

Through online platforms and digital media, the art world and new emerging artworks are finding new ground and becoming more accessible. However, the sea of art on Instagram is vast, making emerging from said sea an exciting challenge. Social media opens an insight into the artist studio and process, the connection between art, artist and buyer becoming more personal. What does this mean for the art galleries? Art galleries historically provide an artist with validation and esteem, however this is becoming the less of the top box to be ticked, but rather the names heard repeated art cocktail parties, art fairs and events. Online platforms, social media begins to cut out the middle man, the need to the vouched for by a gallery.


“Most collectors buy what other people buy, and what other people buy is what is happening right now, today, and if Instagram is anything, it’s an encapsulation and display of the most urgent present moment.” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/zn8ezy/how-instagram-is-changing-the-art-world


April Jackson.