After questioning myself: where should my art go, and why my art has turned into a meditation, replicating day by day, teeth, bones and spine, I wanted to move on, experiment and evolve into something that will trigger my spontaneity as well as my creativity. Having in mind the essence of my thesis and how my research has evolved into an homage to awkwardness by human actions. I am not so sure that my hypothesis can be depicted by something that is not real.

With main symbol the human tooth, I started writing their functions and their symbol in culture and as well as how can I juxtapose their raw materiality in order to transform its value.  If I wanted to make the audience feel awkward, I should be feeling awkward at first and the one think I wouldn’t do was to put some stranger’s teeth in my mouth.

I didn’t enjoy the process, but I got creative during the process, much more than replicating the same thing over and over again. After taking a walk to a dentist friend, asking her to sterilize in order to kill all the germs and viruses so it would be safe for me (Just told her: Don’t ask just do it!), I started experimenting putting those teeth in my mouth, anxiously, trying to fit someone’s else identity in mine. Even if the teeth were sterilized it still didn’t feel right and that was obvious seeing the camera footage.

The creative part came doing the final editing. It was kind of a first of me and tried it to put the footage in an order that would make a narrative and create a climax.

In conclusion, six hours of editing and one minute video of personal awkwardness may expressing my hypothesis better than meditating while replicating the same image.

By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliasi