To illustrate a sound. Picture a song. So they may stop and Funk. or think to pick and see and ask ‘Mommy what’s a funkadelic ?’ and receive the answer hidden within the electric gospel blues of lsd trips, underground railroads slave ships boats to ra on niles in the abyss’s vistas. The mother would then (having once been a funkadelic herself) ask her son (in some reverse maggot brain) to climb back into the womb as to be born again so sight would be anew, sound would be fresh and that question could be answered with experience rather than speech.

It would only be due diligence in honour of the funk to conceal and reveal (what is this about !?) it’s about the album cover art of Pedro Bell who drew and wrote many a fantastic standalone accompaniments to the albums of Parliament-Funkadelic (different names, different albums same personnel. George Clinton and his atomic dog genius). The music group beyond category, beyond sense (not in a nonsense way but beyond the concept of sensible understanding, so please bear with this post, its a tribute!) Founded by George Clinton somewhere in the midsts of his mind.. (sometime in the century before this one) P-Funk has provided sonic blueprint for more music genres than sayable but most especially the G-Funk of the 90’s, sampled in Hip-Hop extensively. Their music lives because the funk never dies.

Here lies the image word and sound.

In the words of Pedro Bell, ‘Funk- the perfect relationship between music and mind’



Nadeem Din-Gabisi