The human body, both as a symbol and an image has long provided a source of throughout history and across many cultures. Anatomical dissection and artistic practice have gone hand-in-hand for centuries, with artists being among the first to document and record detailed observations often making grotesque comments and producing shocking images of the internal structure of the human body in order to express their ideas. One of them, Andrew Kruchnov, an artist that creates artworks from human skin. Although his “materials” are taken trough collaboration with scientific teams and through people that have donated their body in science….and art, it keeps fueling the controversy that keep going for decades between the scientific ethics and artistic morality as well as  raises questions about the creative approach  vs. professional understandings of death and the human body.

As for so long The body in art a wide subject that engages with themes as contemporary performance art, body modification (such as Οrlan and Stelark) as well as more applied practices such as tattooing, the term bioart, utilize living matter as a new media, come to test human mind in how raw can we become for the sake of the spectacle. However Krasnow objective in his own words is “to express my concerns about the war and that it would not be conducted in a way that was moral and ethical,” I see an evolution to a desensitized contemporary culture.


By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliasi