The Dildorks are a couple of sex journalist/bloggers that created a podcast where they discuss sex, kink and everything in between.

I recently made a blog called YourPornHun where I wanted to critique porn and make reaction videos etc. I wanted to point out potentially harmful practices in porn as well as highlight its benefits. I wanted to create a place where porn is criticised fairly and not just vilified. Feminism moving forward needs to be intersectional and this means we need to give female porn stars autonomy and stop assuming women are forced into the sex industry because of childhood trauma or poverty. I think this is what I enjoy about some of the podcasts created by Dildorks. When they speak about sex and porn etc they give women the power to make their own choices. Radical feminists just believe that anyone in the sex industry is their because they cant.

I have not gotten round to posting on that blog yet as I created another one which has taken up most of my time recently and when I listened to this podcast a couple of days a go i realised I had been beaten to it! Lynsey G is a porn critic! Hello dream job. She joins dildorks to discuss her work and everything that comes with it.

Here are some notes I made but also the link is above if you wanna listen

  • Lynsey G is a porn critic
  • Watch and reviews porn, writes about the porn industry
  • Writes about position of being a porn critic and feminist after watching and writing about GONZO porn.
  • (Read up on porn history)
  • Classic porn star- white blonde woman with fake boobs
  • Porn stars are now independent brands-make own money from own fans with their own content
  • Feminist porn is not just femme dom pegging
  • As of 5 years ago feminist porn was the thing and has since diffused
  • People are making feminist porn but not titling it that way
  • Feminist porn is defined basically by the ethics on set
  • Free porn sites are ethically ambiguous as we don’t know how people are treated etc
  • Fair compensation, no surprise requests, no dictation on set
  • anything not made with middle class white man as the target consumer
  • Making porn for anyone who is othered or marginalised
  • (Heather Hartman)
  • Amateur porn- easy to film and share, not just for profit just for fun an kicks
  • Effects the porn industry
  • Makes sexworkers hustle more difficult
  • Salient characteristic- figuring out how to make money from porn(side hustles)
  • (Makelovenotporn tv)

Georgina Tyson