By researching artists, socio-political thinkers, philosophers, psychologists, arts organisations and legislation from the 18th to 19th Century England, I aim to create and apply a theory to my own artistic practice.

In particular to challenge existing commercial art over the past two decades. I think a generalised aesthetic has overridden relevance using taste and in essence has created a leading commercial market of generic non social pertinence.

During the commencement of the MA – Fine Art course I have been questioning ideas and making work around taste. Looking at society and what as a luxury commodity is considered other than beautiful and desirable. Comparing both human behaviours of influence, attraction and knowledge of materials and process. Questioning objects and their perceived value from the perspective both of working class and upper class taste.

These are a few books of influence in my reading list.

  • Symbol and image in William Blake. Digby, George Wingfield,
  • Good taste, bad taste, & Christian taste : aesthetics in religious life Brown, Frank Burch,
  • Refiguring the spiritual : Beuys, Barney, Turrell, Goldsworthy / Taylor, Mark C
  • The tipping point : how little things can make a big difference / Gladwell, Malcolm,
  • Objects of desire. .London:Thames and Hudson.Forty, A.  (1992) 
  • A philosophical inquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful / Burke, Edmund,
  • The Critique of Judgment  – Immanuel Kant
  • Malcom Quinn – Reflections on taste, The intellectual history of a politics of the aesthetic in nineteenth-century Britain.
  • Art and psychoanalysis. London: I.B. Tauris.

After my Pecha Kucha it was advised to look into social engagement as art practise and a prime resource being the Church. I have an appreciation for the message and warmth the Christian faith offers within their environment, along with an attraction to romanticism and symbolism of the spiritual within the architecture and iconography.

(23rd November 2017) I decided to join the committee attending a board of members meeting discussing the future of “The Haven” at St Giles-in-the-Fields. I found myself involved in a brainstorming session with a mix of individuals, some celebrity, charity specialist organisers etc, adding to the direction, branding, sensitivities and deliverance of workshops the Haven had to offer and its involvement engaging with artists and individuals in need. Note: Carthasis as a practice of healing to artists and self.

The Haven offer Pastoral Care and Counselling through: Psychiatric Assessment – Counselling & Psychotherapy – Coaching – Spiritual Support and Direction – Workshops – Groups- Prayer.

Im interested in pursuing a more mediated position at the Haven involving myself and a larger community. Perhaps through coaching, workshops or self development programs.

We believe that the long-suffering artist should be a thing of the past with a community, network support, and opportunity for talent to flourish. We believe that the vibrancy, creativity and exuberance of artists are elements that need serving and preserving and that imagination and storytelling communicate something of our society and ourselves. We believe that artists often feel disconnected and that the best work comes from a place of self-awareness, self-trust, and a support network that doesn’t just worship you, they ‘get’ you too.
Haven Mission Statement – Create more, suffer less.

(8th December 2017) I attended the Christmas Party production offering a variety of musicians with catering. The words spoken by Rev Peterson Feital the Haven+London Director resinated with my recent emotions. He talked of the Liberties 2017 Advent Calendar fetching £300. This Disorientated attachment to luxury, an un natural non realism of false materiality. He then went on to discussing the ethics of true religion offering:

Care, hope, freedom, peace, love. 

I think these tangible mental states are trying to encompass happiness as their core ideal. Something to consider as an experiential emotion received through my own work.

Motown Event – Concert

Ross McCormick