You know there are scientific studies that show that women can do what men can do with a little nudge. Let the women pretend to be in the men’s shoes for a little while. Give some positive reinforcement. A compliment or two. Butter her up. “You know women are better at Maths than men?” When is the language going to change? When are we gonna leave comparison out of every fucking sentence. Why did the modern men with ALL of the answers, research, EVIDENCE decide they like the old way. The old way it will stay.


We have been primed since day one to base our identity on gender specific attributes given to us by a patriarchal society. We have let men tell us how our brains work what subjects we are best at. Women are creative. Men are logical. Right? This is something most people are pretty sure about. But wait, how does that work when the creative industries are also run by men. I mean if you are gonna give us something then give us it. But you won’t. We have to take it.


And then I’m always left here thinking about why I have to fight for my life line. Art isn’t just a job I want it’s a life that I need. It carries the oxygen around my body and my sanity tucked up in a safety blanket. If my lover kills me and and nobody was around to see it did it really even happen. I tried to kill me once. I might try again. I might succeed. Or I might be killed by the world I’m so desperate to be apart of. Then they will take one look at my work and read it as the most coherent and revealing suicide note ever to be left behind.


If you are marginalized, beaten and abused what else can you make work about. What is the point in releasing, baring, opening up yourself to the public and saturating them in your pain when it could all be used against you. Bloody women are fucking nuts. Remember the good old days when you could lock ‘em up for being hysterical. Mate, shut your dog up, innit.

Georgina Tyson