A perpetual and cumulative composition.
A built up and scraped back series of imprints.
The collaging of images, structures within and around spaces.

Demolition of the city’s elements strengthens what remains, and also strengthens the sense of a vital damaging through which the city takes its respiration… the visual arena of the city must move through concurrent acts of construction and obliteration, extrusion and intrusion, incorporation and expulsion
Miles, M. The Uses of Decoration : Essays in the Architectural Everyday
Chapter 1 : Views from Elsewhere. p29



Heterogeneity, non linear interactions and temporal narratives of material, structure and form coalesced. Seemingly arbitrary subjective colloquial experiences abound.

Economic and political agendas, societal preconceptions related to urbanism/class/ethnicity/culture(ect…) disseminated. A diffusion in ownership, of collective responsibilities, unequal investment, begetting unequal benefits, manifesting spatially as uneven visual pastiches in the fabric of an urban society attempting to homogenise and organise itself.

Random accidental aesthetics – perhaps a micro reflection of the informal architecture aesthetic seen in areas of the developing world?



Random accidental aesthetics, sensitive to time.

Clear pictorial spaces on the wall, the surface of which is worn and violently ripped away. The vernacular of the space holds an abject provisionality, something which came to be via the process of removal, an action of negation.



Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova.