potential case studies/interviewees for my research paper

#1 @bramstrokeher

A disabled sex worker who cams, escorts and models. The content she put out is always flawlessly executed and beautiful to look at. As well as this she is very active on her instagram stores; talking about things such as abuse, racism and ableism etc.

#2 @thepromqueef

After having her instagram deleted multiple times due to being a sex worker even though her profile was not primarily used to advertise her services she has been vocal about issues sex workers face socially and financially. She has another profile purely for her art where she creates DIY customised clothing heavily influenced by her interest in sexual domination.

#3 @thongria

A visual artist who creates cut outs and collages usually depicting female sexuality while also running a sex toy store. She is an advocate for female/femme and trans masturbation and takes always interesting photos of the toys and herself which are art pieces alone.

#4 @plasticxcandy

Another sex worker who has seen her instagram removed multiple times due to her being a sex worker. She is also a stylist, content creator and has recently made a zine called PORNO. She is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and always talks about in via instagram story no matter how painfully open and honest.

#5 @trishapaytas

A stipper and a massively successful youtuber who rose to fame because of her elaborate story time videos and eating shows. She is open about mental illness and fatness in her videos and even though she has 3,000,000 subscribers on youtube that want to watch her open up whilst eating 10,000 calories she still pursues stripping through a site called patreon.

#6 @softcoremija

Creator of All Sex Workers Go To Heaven. Curator of the zine and show.

Georgina Tyson