Installation, performance

Xunhang Zou


The essence of fashion is to bring forth new things. Cheap, fast fashion has made consumers no longer value their shopping clothes, which are being consumed at fast food speeds. Behind the beautiful facade, however, is the cost of huge energy consumption and waste, heavy pollution and cheap labor.

As a representative of the labor force, washing machine is popularized among every family as the most common form of labor force.

H&M, it has also been a prominent leading brand of fast fashion brand, deeply rooted in the hearts of people, and has influenced the public, occupies an important position in people’s life.

I bought a white short for H&M, white short as the most versatile in the fashion industry, the most common clothing, also can see its universality.

I keep washing machine which in the public clean with the T-shirt for fast fashion brand

Is the process of constant cleaning useful or counterproductive?