Oppidian pragmatism via a material of utilitarian mundaneness, depicting almost “ready made” forms of urban life. The pastiches have an artistic compositional awareness – sketching an iconography of unintended articulation and expression – meeting impermanent slap dash repair solution. An everyday, DIY, ad-hoc aesthetic of a temporary or even precarious nature.

Evocative of a “use-value” philosophy, elementally reminiscent in the materiality of Thomas Hirschhorn’s works, encountering reality and disinterested triviality.

“So you were trying to create visual form that had use-value, not some sort of aesthetic value? Yes, but no one was commissioning it, no one was interested in it and I didn’t have any audience to communicate with”. Thomas Hirschhorn. https://www.artspace.com/magazine/art_101/book_report/phaidon-thomas-hirschhorn-interview-54368



London 2017


Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova