Four weeks ago I was planning to go back into the audio visual suite to film some more colourful lighting effects from which to create a moving abstract “painting” to music.  But then I was struck down by a bug and the filming had to be delayed.  Whilst that was very frustrating, and makes me very anxious about completing the work ready for the curating day next Monday, it’s also brought great advantages.

Over the Christmas break my ambition has grown.  If I’d gone ahead in December I would just have added some additional coloured gels to the cheap and cheerful lights I’d bought.  But then I realised that I needed more professional and powerful lights – so I’ve talk to some lighting designers and rented 3 lights from them.  I got advice from a professional photographic supplier about what gels to buy and had time to experiment with different ways of using them.  I’ve spent more time listening to, and thinking about, the music, helped by buying a score.  And I’ve arranged for a friend to help me, as what I want to do requires more than two hands.

So I now have a battery of lights, an assortment of accessories and a helper.  And hopefully this will enable me to express all the nuances of Ravel’s music!