My third work at the MAFA

The painting is not finished and honestly I don’t know if I will.

When I started it I only had in mind the aesthetic of it as final goal: it had to be painted with a classic old-master portrait style but with a pointless and absurd subject which was the lightning bolt.

Now I start doubting, about the painting style and the subject itself: it feels, all of sudden, that my works are disconnected from the world where I live, they are the absurd representation of something that doesn’t exist, something that could never happen therefore we feel nothing because it doesn’t and it cannot touch us…

It is absurd to paint absurdity and it is too artificial in the process.

I start to feel figurative painting is not what explain the world and the world cannot be explained. We, as artists, try to make connections this is what we basically do but there is nothing to explain or connect: life is absurd = abstract.

Perhaps abstraction is my next step? is where I can express myself without any link to the real world, no subjects just emotions….?

Marco Piemonte