“Who you Ought to be”

Hair, Teeth ans Iron.

Hair functions as identity and like teeth when they appear away from their natural environment it is a sign of bad health even death, creating awkward emotions and the resulting image eludes to a bleak narrative. Due to their nature that defies decay, they serve as a getaway between the living and the dead.

Although hair growth is a biological  phenomenon, Their Nature define our identity and  has a strong social and cultural meaning and through anthropology, art, fashion and philosophy it is explored how individuals and societies express powerful emotions including mourning, love, and sexual desire through hair.

For Martin Heidegger, people only really form an identity after facing death. Most believe in their socially constructed identity of “how one ought to be” that create in an attempt to escape death through ambiguity.


By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliasi