In the last few years I have been mainly exploring the possibilities of traditional Chinese painting materials in an alternative way. Outcomes can be seen from the enclosed image(fig.1). However, strange yet unexpected visual expressions have been worked out eventually. Apart from those inking projects I have had, some works dealing with unconventional art making materials were adopted. As can be seen from the works Henge which I made last year.   (fig.1)                      (fig.2)

Like what we could possibly see in Dan Graham’s work Present Continues Past(s) in 1974 (fig.2), a new notion of awareness had been occupied by the space he created. When one facing to the delayed image of him/ herself, a certain sort of self-awareness occurs. “…encourage viewers to move around and collaborate with each other in order to activate a network of reciprocal and temporally differed glances…” (Bishop, 2005, p75). Thus, I placed stones and wood sticks which are tightened by metal strings inside an end-to-end mirror space, I consider the stones and woods as duplicated souls yet facing to each other.