The next work which I want to analyse,  it generates an energy fields of natural ego, ironically, the scene was in a way, artificial. To alternate my traditional Chinese painting ideas into installations with geometric, scientific and other natural elements would definitely be the aspects that I would like to explore further at postgraduate level.And one of my inspirations comes from the artist Tomas Saraceno.

This small room filled with strange clusters overhead is an installation by artist Tomas Saraceno. Produced in 2009, Cloudy House was a multimedia installation featuring sculptures as well as video and photography.


In all of his work, Saraceno often develops projects that explore our own human relationship with nature and the larger world around us. As we contemplate the elements of this installation, the artist encouraged his viewers to ask questions about contemporary society, its organization, and the possibilities of a healthy future. One reviewer suggests that “Saraceno’s projects often propose an inter-relational dependence between spaces and materials, where the focus is on emphasizing an equilibrium between the eco-techno-scientific society and a spectrum of other potential spheres we may find ourselves coexisting within.”