“A Predictable 2nd Version”

“To Create a Field by Waveforms”


In the middle of last December, I collaborated with Zark Zhan from RCA womenswear to create a virtual reality environment whose title is “Science leads to God”. This leads to my exploration about the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings. From my perspective, human beings should never impose any tangible concept on AI, not even the concept of learning from the big data of human behaviors. The building of the “Curiosity” of AI should be approached from the other way, a more natural but time consuming way. There is never a predictable second version of human nor a way to create a field from scratches of waveforms. The only way to build a self-sufficient AI is similar to find the “Higgs boson”(explained below) which could give the particle “Mass”. However, to find it is merely a serendipity for that this is not compatible with any existing system and thus impossible to find. In fact, the way to find it gives definition to it.