Experimenting with the notion of painting as installation.

I’m interested in potentially making a series of paintings into a sensory experience, something I hope to work on throughout the year –> changing the way they’re viewed. Bending the mind! I like the idea of an intense viewing experience, going against the norms. Placing a series of paintings close together? –> inviting the viewer to walk around and inside them, getting up close and personal. I personally want to view work which catches my eye for longer than 10 seconds and I find it worrying how quickly people walk through galleries, often dismissing work without properly looking at it. People’s attention spans are growing thinner and thinner. I want to place high importance on capturing the viewers gaze, asking them to feel emotion through my own emotive, expressive imagery. Why should they be interested in my work? –> what makes it unique to me, what makes it mine? –> needs more work.

Trying to figure out the best way to display my paintings for the assessment show. –> At this point I’d like to display the double-sided painting I’ve constructed. Showing my experimentation up until this point. In a way, through this piece, I am challenging the normal gallery experience of viewing a painting, enabling a free standing object for the viewer to walk around, manipulating the viewer..?

Been thinking about making a rotating canvas. Like those ugly full length swing mirrors. Playful structure. –> Interactive ? Enables a physical movement. Could then lead on to painting as moving image. –> Cinematography & the screen.



Abigail Moffat