Replacing the Ephemeral identity with immortal one

In contemporary society everything is based in idea rather than the true essence so death is first the loss of identity and then the physical and biological function. We all are bombarded by the ideas of the phenomenon rather the phenomenon itself. This trope covers situations when a person is treated as effectively dead and gone even though their body is still physically alive. This is generally because the “person” has been erased in some way. Soldiers, prisoners and outcasts are losing their individual and societal identity through the removal of their hair and becoming a group rather than a single person. There is no physical injury – hair grows back. And yet this is truly an act of discipline and subjugation. It is extreme evidence of the fact that hair is one of the seats of human dignity and according to modern psychology death can occur socially if the identity is gone.

In My artwork “The days of the Living dread” I reject the decaying identity (the face) in a representational symbol of human figure and keep the social and post mortem identity. The dreadful era that serves the outcome not the essence.


By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliassi