Three years ago, at the beginning that I use wool as the major material of my practice, lots of people have asked me: why wool? At that time, I only can answer them from very apparent layer, like I like their vivid colour, I like their soft texture, I like their flexibility… As for some deeper reasons, I have no words to say, because I don’t know either.


I know “I like” is not enough, why do I like wool? What makes me like wool? ……Through three years contacting and thinking, at the first term of my MA course, I think I got some conclusion.


Wool’s Colour

Because of my sensitivity and love of vivid colour, yarn’s light and high-saturated colour can immediately stimulate me and make me unstoppably use them on my painting.


Wool’s Shape:

In my more than ten years drawing experience, I love using line to build figures. Wool’s fluid line-shaped body can make me as comfortable and frees as drawing.



Wool’s Softness:

Wool’s texture can warm people, I think in some way I chose them is because I have similarities with them. Wool maybe represents my soft heart, my personality that willing to bring happiness and warmness to others. It’s not no reason that I like wool, but I use wool to express myself.


Wool’s uncertainty in painting:

Wool’s application in my painting is various, a main way is letting wool randomly “walking’ on canvas under my partly conscious direction. This way, makes wool and me are in an inter-lead and interacted relationship. As the creator of a painting I don’t dominate the painting, I don’t control my “partner”. On the contrary, wool also inspires and directs me. As a consequence, I never know what’s my painting going to look like before I finish it. I like this uncertainty, while now I understand this also relates to my view of life, I believe everything in the world is keep changing, nothing is everlasting and certain, life is also unpredictable ……Again, I use wool to express my view of life.


The title of this blog is ‘wool: I am getting to know you’, but maybe I ‘d rather say: I am getting to know myself.


ziyin guan