I’m unsure of how much I’m actually getting out of looking at my drawings on a wall. I like them but that’s about it, I don’t find them that engaging or perhaps they aren’t fulfilling the expectations that I have put on them. I want more out of them but for me they are limited by their nature as drawings. There is an aspect of performance that was present at the start of my research that seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way and I’m thinking that this may be a good solution to the problems that I am having.


Bathrooms can be a performative space as well as somewhere that you prep yourself for the performance of day to day life, cleansing off the day before and resetting yourself to begin afresh. The problem with trying to merge a performative or moving aspect with drawing is that obviously drawings are static. This might have been a slightly naïve point of view to take but when first thinking about it I couldn’t get my head round how to make a drawn line move.


Cue procrastination.


I’m the sort of person that when going away on holiday instead of starting to pack at a sensible point a few days before departure, will leave it until a couple of hours before I have to leave still needing to do three loads of laundry, pack a suitcase, print my boarding pass, and spend an over an hour running around trying to find that really safe hiding place that I thought would be perfect for keeping my passport. When it comes to the studio I tend to avoid working by scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on my phone waiting for some supposed moment of inspiration to come to me. In this case it actually paid off, whilst watching a particularly amusing cat video, a simple GIF by the artist Lilli Carré came up as the next post. It was a repeating graphic of two chairs falling apart and reconstructing themselves alternatively. Seeing this made things begin to slot into place a bit, although GIFs are potentially not the right format for what I am trying to achieve they get the idea across in a visual way. They allow an image or drawing to move autonomously, acting within itself.

I don’t think that the solution is to just turn my drawings into GIFs, the slickness with which the operate would jar with the slight crudeness of the drawings, as well as them being very non-digital in their form and method of production. It is rather to take the concept that GIFs present and transfer this in some sort of physical way onto a drawing. The logistics of this might take a bit of time to flesh out but there must be a way to do this.


Will Coups