A reflection about live project : Art Biker Monthly

We tried to steal the artists’ works, but it was doomed to fail from the beginning. For us engaged in artistic creation, the project let us see into another angle to think about art field. In a constantly converted position, I am both an artist and an audience. And also more like a bystander who confused wandering in a blur of art’s definition. I played the role of the artist Michael Chindale. At first, we entered the fair as spectators to understand the art works. Then we made a situation to claim that we are the creators in front of the audiences. From my performance I realized that the audience was the protagonist. We’ve became the viewers to experience the art in audiences’ heart. In fact, we are viewers of the artists’ works, and we are also viewers of our own work in a same time. Who we were and who the artist is was not the main point. Back to the essence of the exhibition, the protagonist is not art and not the artist either. Maybe we’re able to make people misunderstood, but we can never steal the audience’s experience of the present work.





Yu Ting Hsu