Hiroshi Sugimoto : Snow White / Marian Goodman Gallery



Is photography a tool to prove existence? The first thing we want to ask is what is the reality inside your mind.

For a photographer, a shooting processes are mainly based on the subject and selectively choose what to be remained and eliminated in his images.
Photo always has a kind of magic that make people believe.
The truth presented by the photo is the truth of the photographer’s mind.
When you agree with the creator’s photo, you accepted the answer that he filtered through the camera in the viewing angle of the other. All photos have left and deleted things.

This exhibition displayed his famous theater series.
Using a long exposure, a movie’s time, the screen is blank, leaving only the empty theater. Not only a profound and meaningful work, but also his deep exploring of time. In the words of Walter Benjamin, he said the long shutter made the subject live in the picture, and the short shutter was the interception of the change. In the end Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photo, what live into the photo and what is disappearing in his film?













Yu Ting Hsu